Kamis, 27 Agu 2020 21:10 WIB

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WHO Klaim Benua Afrika Sudah Bebas dari Polio

AP Photo - detikHealth

WHO menyatakan benua Afrika bebas dari virus polio liar setelah berupaya puluhan tahun lamanya, meskipun masih ada ancaman virus polio yang bermutasi.

FILE - In this Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016 file photo, a health official administers a polio vaccine to a child at a camp for people displaced by Islamist Extremists, in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Health authorities on Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020 are expected to declare the African continent free of the wild poliovirus after decades of effort, though cases of vaccine-derived polio are still sparking outbreaks of the paralyzing disease in more than a dozen countries. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba, File) Sebelumnya, polio pernah menjangkit sekitar 75 ribu anak setiap tahun di seluruh Afrika. AP Photo/Jerome Delay