Selasa, 16 Mar 2021 16:52 WIB

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Tambang Garam di Polandia Jadi Pusat Rehabilitasi Pasien Corona

Getty Images/Omar Marques - detikHealth

Tambang garam Wieliczka yang merupakan situs Warisan Dunia UNESCO kini digunakan untuk merehabilitasi pasien yang telah pulih dari virus Corona.

WIELICZKA, POLAND - MARCH 12: COVID-19 recovered patients wear protective face masks and walk through tunnels inside the the Wieliczka health resort  on March 12, 2021 in Wieliczka, Poland. The Wieliczka health resort complex at the Wieliczka salt mine, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The health resort complex, located 135 meters underground, is hosting a rehabilitation program for people who contracted and largely recovered from Covid-19, but who still experience negative health effects like fatigue, lower exercise tolerance, low mood or lack of energy.  Polands only underground health resort is known for its unique microclimate, which has been used for years to treat chronic respiratory diseases. The purity of the air, due to the high concentration of salt aerosol and the ionization and increased atmospheric pressure, are said to have a positive impact on the efficacy of pulmonary rehabilitation. (Photo by Omar Marques/Getty Images) Para pasien berjalan melalui terowongan di dalam resor kesehatan Wieliczka, Polandia.