Kamis, 08 Jul 2021 19:05 WIB

Picture Story

Tak Cuma RI, 5 Negara Ini Juga Pontang-panting Diamuk Corona

AP Photo & Getty Images - detikHealth

Indonesia kini tengah lonjakan kasus COVID-19. Selain Indonesia, nyatanya amukan virus Corona juga dirasakan di beberapa negara lain.

ALLAHABAD, INDIA - JUNE 28: Bodies, many of which are believed to be COVID-19 victims, are seen partially exposed in shallow sand graves as rainwater inundated the site and caused the soil to be washed away at a cremation ground on the banks of the Ganges River on June 28, 2021 in Phaphamau, near Prayagraj (also known as Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, India. India has seen a steady fall in its COVID-19 infection numbers in June. Many states and cities have made steps towards re-opening fully, though the number of people vaccinated as a share of the overall population remains low and experts raise concerns that re-opening too quickly could once again risk recent gains made in fighting the coronavirus. India also successfully vaccinated up to 8 million people a day in the last week, as the government picks up the pace and announced plans to vaccinate all adults by the end of the year. (Photo by Ritesh Shukla/Getty Images) Kasus penambahan COVID-19 di India menempati peringkat kedua setelah Brasil, sementara total kasus infeksi COVID-19 di sana tercatat menembus 30 juta kasus. Getty Images/Ritesh Shukla